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  • Seems like this plugin was written for one use. There are default styles applied to the menu item (such as bold red text and background positioning) which not only affect the menu items, but the rest of the page (styles are somehow misapplied).

    The plugin is a good idea, but needs to be cleaned up.

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  • It’s a plugin for developers… just overwrite the default CSS with your own and if you don’t like it…don’t use it. He’s not charging for it.

    I am absolutely thrilled that this was released as it will be saving me a lot of time and making menus do exactly what I need them to without me writing much code.

    Plugin Author anabelle


    The red bold was intended not for a particular project, but as a warning, as this plugin is still in early development.

    We do welcome all your feedback, and the new version deasn’t do this, in fact, the new version doesn’t add inline css, it generates it on an external file.

    We still have some issues with multiple menus, and some menu implementations that lead to 404 errors, as you see, we have a lot of work to do, but we are exited to share our progress and get feedback.

    Thanks JsonB123 for your words, we will continue to make this plugin better for all of us 🙂

    Thanks for the update, Anabelle.

    I will be the first to say that it takes a brave soul to write a plugin and release it on WordPress. I meant no disrespect to the authors by any means, nor do I think its my right to expect miracles. Good on you for releasing it and I apologize if I came off rude in my review.

    @jsonb123… 90% of the plugins hosted on WordPress get few to no reviews. If we’re going to act as a community to support WordPress users and indeed the people who write plugins, it is our duty to review objectively. The code for this plugin affected styles outside the plugin itself, as noted here, by the author. I felt it fair to inform anyone intending to use the plugin in a production environment that, despite the plugin being a good idea, there were flaws when I tried it. Moreover, I thought it was important to introduce my comment according to my findings, and find out why it was released given that it looked like a plugin for a particular project. Indeed, I think it fair to say that the author agreed with the issues raised (and may have already been aware of them), and fixed them.

    I am pretty sure that’s the goal of providing a review and support feature for plugins.

    @anabelle. Again, this is really a great idea for a plugin. In fact I think the functionality should be part of the version 3 menu system by default. I’ll give the new version a whirl and report back.


    @bdwaldman Agreed. Perhaps that came off as a bit harsh. I was not surprised to find though, even while people are clearly using this plugin, that the Compatibility box remains rated by one person. This frustrates me to no end because if the plugin works, even with minor errors, there should be more people giving that feedback instead of just forum info / reviews.

    It’s very confusing to see 4 4star reviews, 1 report that it doesn’t work and 0 reports that it does work…and a bunch of forum threads.

    I have yet to install this plugin, but will today. I will be reporting back on that box.

    Plugin Author anabelle


    A new version has been released 🙂

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