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  • I am a non-coder who wants to have a WordPress website that is responsive to the screen orientation or aspect ratio of the viewport.

    Please understand I an not referring merely to screen width. Aspect ratio or screen orientation refer to whether the viewport is wider or taller, i.e. portrait or landscape format.

    I became aware that this should be possible through media queries, perhaps:

    I made a design, but I do not have the skills to code it myself from scratch. I have attempted, but have not been able to hire anyone who knows how to do it. However, if I can find the right tool(s), I may be able to get a freelancer on track, or learn to do it myself.

    The software would have built-in settings such that various page elements can be set to load or not, based on whether the screen is wider or taller. For example, one of these elements is a slider. I made multiple versions of the slider in various formats: landscape, portrait, and narrow portrait. The theme or page should allow me to call the appropriate one by shortcode.

    The final product could be described as a single full-width landing page. So, if you propose a theme, I should be able to remove extraneous components like header, footer, widgets, sidebars, menus, etc., and start with a blank canvas.

    Thank you for any product recommendation or coding advice that brings me closer to this goal. If you have an URL to some documentation of the feature I seek, that would be helpful.

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  • Not sure what you are asking for? Yes that is something any developer can do with any theme. Media queries and javascript can determine every detail about the site’s visitor and adjust accordingly.

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    Thanks for the response! Sorry the question is confusing.

    I requested “built-in settings” because I have not found any builders or themes that do so “out of the box”.

    While they may be customizable to do this, I don’t have the capability to do the modifications, and my attempts at hiring people to do so have been frustrating.

    Maybe I am wrong, but as I understand it, themes will include .css that can make them responsive. Builders have settings to determine whether elements will appear or not. But my (very limited) experience has been that these are only equipped to respond to viewport width, not aspect ratio.

    Would you like to make a suggestion about how could I better compose my question? Some themes (X, Divi) also have builders integrated, so the line gets blurred for me.
    Should I remove the request for theme suggestions, and only mention builders?

    This is more of a support forum for core WordPress –

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    I read here:
    that this would be the place for plug-in recommendations.
    And that is the place for core.

    You can write the media queries in the css yourself.

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    Yes, I suppose I need to get learning! Thanks.

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