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  • ThomasAJ


    I have an IT background outside of the web area: know old style HTML, little CSS, nothing about creating database driven websites.

    I *had* spent quite some time investigating Joomla as my ‘easy to create’ website core tool; Artisteer as my easy to create design; Caspio as my easy to create web database. Then I ran into a web pro who has his own web business (has a Masters degree in this n that) and he said “stay away from Joomla as it is full of security holes, look at WordPress it’s not just for kids!”.

    I then started to look at WordPress and here I am.

    So is there anyone here that knows *both* products well and can steer me in one direction or another. I know it’s probabaly very hard to find such a person but one has to ask.



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  • MickeyRoush


    Joomla is just as secure as you make it, like any other CMS. I believe the newer version(s) of Joomla will show you if you need updates like WordPress currently does. Most vulnerable Joomla sites are due to careless webmasters who do not maintain their sites well. It can happen to a WordPress site just the same. Hackers look for vulnerabilities, it’s up to the webmaster to take care of them. Even static HTML can be hacked.

    Joomla has some unique features built in that WordPress does not have built in.

    There are many comparison write ups out there.


    There’s also Get Simple (uses XML instead of MySQL Database) and XOOPS.

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