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  • I have created a 2-column WP blog; not yet live/active because I’m still adding content and also because there’s a function I would like to add, as follows. My posts will appear in the left-side column. The right side column is called Recent Popular Posts. There are many WP widgets available for this feature. Most of them seem configured to display (automatically) a given number (x) of the most recent posts. That’s not what I want, because it would simply duplicate the x-number of posts my left column. No, what I want is a widget that will allow me to select which of all my posts will appear in my Recent Popular Posts column. For instance, say I write and post 5 blogs, with these titles: One, Two, Three, Four, Five. Say I want Three and Five to appear as the newest posts in my Recent Popular Posts column. OK, so, I need a widget (or plug-in, etc.) that will enable me, say, to check a box on posts Three and Five that causes those posts to appear in Recent Popular Posts. (Note: the widget needs to be customizable so I can choose, say, the title + first line or two of post + thumbnail — rather than having the entire texts of Three and Five appear in Recent Popular Posts.) Later, if I want to remove those posts from Recent Popular Posts, I would be able to simply unselect them, and also able to select other of my posts to go into Recent Popular Posts. Any ideas?

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  • Or you could just link manually to those posts using html in a text widget?

    since it sounds like you manually selecting the posts anyway ?

    Yes, this could work. Since, as you note, I will be manually selecting the posts anyway.

    What I would prefer, however, is to have a box on a new post, which box, when checked, would place the post in Recent Popular Posts. Not the entire post, however, just these elements: 1) title of original post; 2) first line or so of original post; 3) thumbnail of photo from original post. I suspect I could do all that manually with HTML, but what I’d like is to have the manual function simplified to a simple box to check, which would grab these 3 elements and place them in my Recent Popular Posts column,

    Perhaps among the various Recent Post widgets, there’s one or more that make it possible to manually designate posts for my Recent Popular Posts column.

    I am not a tech dude and have no coding experience, so I may end up needing to take my task to a designer.

    Thanks for your suggestion!

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