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  • Hi,

    I work for a Christian non-profit group. We setup a wireless network this year to handle wireless money transfers between family members in different parts of the country. The network is extremely slow but has been expanded in use for medical records and e-healthcare. We have been using a static site up until now and we’re going to switch to a WordPress installation for our community portal on the network.

    I am seeking an extremely low-bandwidth yet realistically easy to navigate theme. It can be image-free (or having very few, we will remove most) and style-light. So while there can be styling on it it must be extremely small. Any jQuery or other heavy javascript libraries are completely out of the question. The fewer the files the better as we need the clients to make as few connections as possible.

    I sincerely hope this is possible. I have already searched around and found a few possible candidates but they are often completely unstyled with no .css or are made for much older versions of WordPress. Security is a massive concern as this is an open wireless network.

    PS: Any advice on locking-down and securing this website? It will likely be used by our medical staff and that is a big concern.

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    Have you tried Twenty Twelve ?

    Any jQuery or other heavy javascript libraries are completely out of the question.

    WordPress may not be suitable for you at all. The administrator panel has to use jQuery to work.



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    If I were you I wouldn’t use WP. Under the requirements you posted above, all you need is a static site, pure and simple.

    The part of the websites that need WP is the part that needs more flexibility in editing and expanding ( number of content pages ), you might use WP for a blog, news annoucement, informative pages, etc., but not for the purpose of what you posted above.


    thanks for the quick replies!

    the decision to go to wordpress was not easy for us actually. its required for the different locations we have to update the pages. the static site was only editable by one computer.

    i will examine the default theme, i will check to see how big of a load it gives. the admin panel using jquery is OK i suppose, because its not loaded by the clients.

    Sameera, did you test Twenty Twelve, and what did you learn? I have a similar requirement, but in our case it’s to provide resources to people who live in remote areas of Africa and Haiti, where bandwidth is typically 14.4K bps, when available at all. I’m just starting to think about this problem, and would love to know what you’ve learned.

    One idea I had is to install Jetpack and enable Jetpack’s Mobile Theme feature, which delivers a lighter site to those on mobile devices. In many areas that we serve the mobile service is faster than the land service.

    P.S. (forgot to check Notify me of follow-up posts via email…)

    Sameera, I recently built a WP site for missionaries in Africa that offers a low bandwidth option, with every page loading in 20K or less. I used a child theme based on Twenty Twelve. One big help was to omit the call to wp_head if the user selects Low Bandwidth, which avoids all the JS libraries. I also filter out images and media embeds for the Low Bandwidth user. If you want details, let me know. The site is


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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