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  • Hi – I am building a business site that will need to collect some basic information from members – their title, organization, industry, etc. It seems like there are a number of good plugins for this, however I have an important need for a tool that has specialized “tags” as a field type on the registration form. Typically, these tools may have some kind of “auto complete” for tags and after they are inserted into the field include a little “x” on the tag so they can be easily removed.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a member registration or form development tool that does tags well? I would prefer free, of course, but if there is a paid one that doesn’t cost too much I will consider that also. I have looked at the product description for a bunch of them and they typically list the field types they support with their free product, and then say something like “upgrade to the pro version for access to dozens of more field types” – but then they don’t say what those are.

    I need to get this going, so for now I am going to use one of the standard ones with a tags field, and instructions that users should enter their tags in that field separated by commas, but I would like something more sophisticated than that.

    Any thoughts on this? I am a new developer so any ideas on how to best manage tags on member profiles would be appreciated.

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  • Leslie


    As volunteers, we don’t have access to commercial plugins. We focus on helping with core WordPress issues and guiding you to the best forums for your need. You can have a look at this list of plugins. Because the info they provide on their WordPress listing is usually more succinct, it can be easier to find some details there.

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