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  • It’s most likely have something to do with WordPress roles and capabilities. In multisite, each site has its own administrators. If some users does not have admin rights on different sites, they cannot access that site admin panel its why you can see those errors. They can only access the settings page on a site where they are users and given administrator capabilities.

    If you want them to allow access on that site, you need to:

    • Add user to that site via Users -> Add new
    • Make sure to give them administrator role if you want them to access settings page

    Try this and check if it works.

    I don’t wan’t them to access setting or network options just like the site.com1, I only want users to access what their profile and some other programs that I granted access to.
    But now they can even change my sites name to their own.

    Looks like you have granted them administrative access on site.com2 and site.com3 or assigned them the capability “manage_options.” Are you using any plugin to manage access? If so, please remove manage_options capability.

    If you are not using any plugins, you can simply set them to Editor role. Here in this document, you will find details of roles and capabilities.

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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