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  1. Globster
    Posted 9 years ago #

    has anybody out there successfully implemented a CSS+Javascript-based solution for rounded corners like "Nifty Corners" or "Transcorners" on their Worpress?

    I know it must be possible, since I've seen several sites doing it; but I must be missing something vital, 'cause I can't seem to get it to work.
    Prowling around, I've seen several hints up here (like making calls of+in files use full absolute paths etc.), but none of them helped me to get going.
    After much scouring and reading I figure it may be something to do with event handler conflicts (my WP uses several other JS-based bits and pieces).

    I'm no hardcore code-cruncher, so the solutions out there I could find (see this great article e.g.) where somewhat over my head. Even if there are models for handling mutliplea OnLoads I'm still stuck.

    So I sit here seething with frustration and turn to you crowd for help.
    I figure there must be someone out there who successfully accomplished usage of some suchness in coexistance with other JavaScripts under WordPress, and may be able to provide instructions +/o tips better suited for non-full-pros like my humble self than those available at the abovementioned sites.
    So, um, please?! I'd love to learn how to set it into action - and I have a notion that maybe others may encountering similar problems and could make good use of more detailed help, too. :-)

    [In case you wants to look into the bogged-up code of my current WP-incarnation it's tucked away at lexagon.de]

    Any help much appreciated. TIA,


    Alex / Globster

  2. Shaun
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Hey Alex,

    Did you find a solution for the problem?

    I'm going through the same frustration of trying to get this Nifty javascript to work on my site. Basically, I am trying to apply rounded borders to each of my posts, it is only applied ot the first one. I guess this is an issue with javascript and 'the loop'. I'm not sure how to get it to call the JS again for the rest of the posts.


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