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  • I’ve installed Exhibit & basically can’t figure out how it works. It’s too confusing & not user friendly (at least for me) & I haven’t been able to find any place which would provide some friendly instructions on how to use it. (If anyone has such a link, I’d welcome it).

    So I want to identify a good image plugin that will do things like create thumbs, create display code, display multiple images in a post, upload & decompress zip files, etc. But it also has to be something I can figure out w/o an advanced computing degree (or that provides some decent operating instructions).

    Any suggestions?

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  • well exhibit isnt that hard. did you get it working first?
    all you need to do is save a draft then upload pictures in a folder. then after they are uploaded click on the thumbnail of the picture and it will then insert them into your post.

    ive looked at alot of other plugins for inserting images. it really depends upon what you want to do.
    iimage-browser is really cool too.
    its here
    under the “media” section

    At one time, Exhibit was showing me tiny thumbnail images in the box, but now it doesn’t–just links. Is there any way to customize the display code it will use as I have display code in css that does a lot of the work for me?

    Another thing, after uploading a file using exhibit why doesn’t it take you directly to the photo in your list which you just uploaded instead of defaulting to the top of the image list. I have hundreds of images & this default behavior forces me to do a long search to find the image I just uploaded.

    And how would you decompress a zip file of images?

    im not sure what you meen about the first point.

    I have all my files organized by folder. One downside (if it is at all) is that the window that has a list of the images is a bit small. So I have everything by folder. Making a new folder only takes a second even if you have to limit yourself to only having a max of 12 or so image files in the folder.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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