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  • I am seeking feedback, suggestions, constructive criticism.

    My target blog audience is current computer users (small business owners and staff, mid-level managers and admin) who can benefit from learning countless small time-saving tricks. Basically, they use computers now, but not very efficiently and certainly only as the programs come ‘out of the box’.

    This is my first blog of anything other than ‘learning the ropes’.

    My about page says it all. I’ve used computers since 1984 and had to learn lots along the way. I became ‘the local expert’ in each office I was assigned to (USAF) and decided to get into teaching after retirement.
    Too many times I see very successful and knowledgeable people and businesses with the latest, greatest hardware/software, but their ‘CompuFiciency’ is sorely lacking. They never learned to use the applications in depth, integrate them one to another, and reap greater benefits than easier storage and corrections than a typewriter!

    So, is my token effort to

    1. Let a wider audience benefit from my efforts
    2. Force myself to ‘put into writing’ all of the many thoughts along the years
    3. Create a course syllabus
    4. Create lecture handouts (putting copy of each blog post into a MS Word file as a ‘book’

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