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  • I’ve just moved and upgraded my website, so that it is now a standalone WordPress powered site. Here:

    I ask for your help because I tend to be technologically capable but artistically mediocre, and this is a site where presentation matters. My goal is to catch the eye and interest of my target audience (teachers, scientists, nature-lovers) in the hopes of building a small community, and thereby gaining their support for my project.

    I think most of you folks on these WordPress fora are more experienced in design than I am, and so I would welcome any comments, suggestions, and criticism.

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  • Mostly good, i’d say downsize the logo and align it to the left. And change the background to a non patterned style.

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    Hi – good start I think and game looks appealing but that patterned background took a long time to download for me and draws the eye away from the ‘action’ in the middle of the page as it’s so busy. I’d really recommend cutting the copy right down, there’a far too much info on the page. At the very least, think of the 2 or 3 main things people need to know on each page and put them topmost, with maybe a link to more info if they need it.

    That homepage image of players does not look fun at all! it’s more of a wet Wednesday night in a youth hostel – I really want to see some of the game play or some artwork from cards themselves. Or maybe a cartoon evil squirrel punching a rat…this image is far too sedate and static.

    Finally, make your CTA (call to action) far more prominent. What do you want a site visitor to do from your homepage? buy the game, subscribe, comment? pick the most vital and make it a big feature. For instance, Amazon REALLY REALLY want every visitor to buy or find out more about kindles – check out their homepage which shamelessly promotes them. Your first post of call might be to create an information hierarchy by using title headers (h1, h2, h3 etc) which will help you prioritise parts of your copy.

    Hope that helps!

    Thanks Sophie. I’ve killed the transparency, so it’s easier to read the words. I hesitate to remove the background alltogether. Just because I personally like it. But i’ll consider it, since both you and pbadmin recommended it.

    I honestly thought the top image, the one of kids, was pretty exciting, just because they looked active and excited. Though I agree the second one is fairly boring. Maybe I’ll drop that one.

    Message. Yup. There’s so many things I want to get across it’s hard to focus. Maybe I’ll add a “support me” button instead of the second picture. That would make my goal clear, but still include some decent photos of the game in action.

    Cards. Yup. There’s some on the Facebook page, and on the Blog, but not upfront. I’ll fix that.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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