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  • I need a little advice from anyone who might be able to point me in the right direction. I need a quasi-public sign-up sheet application.

    We have a sailing club with a handful of members who pay extra for shared access to a few club boats, on a signup basis. The members are well behaved, but they need some way to reserve boats in advance and to know what boats are available at any time. So need is a calendar form online where the members can initial the time slots that they want to use the boats. Then any member can look and see whether a boat is available. I don’t think we have any members who would go in and modify someone else’s reservation, so we don’t have to be real fancy or sophisticated with this thing (yet).

    I started out by implementing the database plugin, but haven’t released it to the members. The problem with that approach is that I will have to assign editor status to those who would be using the system, which also gives them the ability to edit or destroy my whole website. I’m unwilling to allow that. I want to limit their potential mischief to only one page.

    You can look at to see the kind of form I need.

    Thanks for any suggestions you might be willing to give me.

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