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  • I am using the Suffusion theme for a blog for the store I manage (we sell used DVDs). I’m using WP-Table Reloaded to display a searchable inventory and now I’d like to figure out a way to link that inventory to a shopping cart or ecommerce plugin. Is this possible, and if so can anyone make a reccomendation?

    If I can’t link WP-Table Reloaded to some kind of ecommerce plugin, is anyone aware of a plugin that will allow me to upload a table (CSV file) to create my online store? I’m not sure I’m actually asking this question properly. I looked at WP-ecomerce from Instinct and became quite confused. It seems I would have to individually create products for each of the 5000+ titles I have in stock, which seems a little impractical. Additionally, WP-ecommerce made WP-Table Reloaded stop working, so I’m assuming they don’t work very well together.

    Any help, in simple terms, would be greatly appreciated. I’m not a coder but I can be guided along if someone is willing to get down to my level 🙂

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Jeremy,

    thanks for your question.

    Unfortunately, I don’t know the WP-ecommerce plugin at all and I don’t really have time to test it.

    Can you describe more what you mean by “linking” the plugins (i.e. your inventory to the cart)?
    Do you just wants “links” in the inventory that will add the item to the cart?

    You also say that WP-ecommerce is breaking WP-Table Reloaded. That’s obviously something I’d like to know more about. Do you have any more details on this? What is breaking?


    Thanks, Tobias.

    The answer to the first question is effectively yes. I want to be able to display my inventory using WP-Table Reloaded and give my customers the ability to click on any title to add it to their cart.

    The answer to the second question is that when I activated the WP-ecommerce plugin, the table I had I my blog was no longer searchable. The search window was completely missing from the display. Additionally, the table itself would not scroll within its window. Essentially, we had just the first 10 or 20 items of our inventory displayed with no way to see the rest of the inventory.

    Thanks again for any help you might be able to provide.



    thanks for the reply!

    Regarding the first question: I guess you’ll have to manually link those items in the table. You’ll need to know the URL to put it in the cart and add a HTML link.

    The second problem: This sounds like a JavaScript problem. Probably the WP-eCommerce plugin adds something that breaks the jQuery functionality.
    Can you provide the URL to the site where the problem happens?

    Best wishes,


    Our inventory page is here. The WP-ecommerce is not activated since we really want our customers to be able to see what we have in stock.

    BAck to my first question: Forgive me if this seems like a dumb question, but how would I create links to the items that are displyed using WP-Table Reloaded?


    ok, that’s understandable. Maybe we can figure out a short time window for testing (during which you would shortly activate wp-eCommerce), so that I can see the site with the problem happening.
    To discuss details, it would probably be best, if you contact me by email (which is in the main plugin file or in the Imprint on my website).

    To insert those HTML links, you’ll firstly need to know the URL that will add each individual item to the cart. Those links are created by wp-eCommerce and I would assume that the plugin shows them somewhere. You might be unlucky if the only way to add an item to the cart is via a form that you have to submit. (You might want to check with the wp-eCommerce author or documentation to figure out a way to obtain the URL.)
    Then, within WP-Table Reloaded, you add a link to that URL (for each item/row) with the “Insert Link” helper (located under the input fields). It will ask you for the URL and the text of the link (e.g. the product name) and create and insert the necessary HTML code for you.


    Maybe we can figure out a short time window for testing (during which you would shortly activate wp-eCommerce), so that I can see the site with the problem happening.

    I’ll try to do this over the weekend, thank you.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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