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  • I am seeking a standards-compliant email form, or general form system for the front-end of any wordpress site I create. Unfortunately, most form systems are not clear as to how standards-compliant they are.

    For example, the forms I want to use for, say, an email form, should contain only <fieldset>, <legend>, <label>, <textarea> and <input> tags. I am looking for a form that does NOT make use of any HTML which is meant to tweak the visual formatting — no paragraph,
    unordered list, <dl>, <span> or <div> tags whatsoever. None. Nada.

    Okay, maybe definition lists – those *do* help when used properly.

    If it is a question of formatting, I know CSS well enough to make any form dance, even when it is using only the five “desirable” HTML tags above. The key thing is that I want to have maximum flexibility, which means having a form system that does NOT have any extraneous content.

    If anyone has previously researched this, and has come up with viable candidates, I would love to hear from them. Right now all I need is a simple contact form, and I do not expect this requirement to change much. While a massively customizable form system, which can dump forms onto individual pages/posts at will would be nice, it is hardly necessary and will probably be overkill.


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