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  • Here’s the deal, in a nutshell: I am using a theme that I like, but the default is for the header to be enclosed inside the main content box. I don’t like the look of that for this site so I wanted to figure out a way to: a) have the header above the content; b) make it clickable; c) have it be the same width as the content box (another reason not to have it enclosed inside). I have accomplished all of those things EXCEPT making it clickable by setting the theme’s header settings to display:none and incorporating the header image into the background image. I made it the same width as the content box and then I pushed the content box down below the header image. NOW how do I make it clickable?

    I thought about adding a clickable div or a hotspot on top of the background image that would redirect the user to the home page. However, I don’t think that will work because it’s a centered layout so nothing is set to relative or absolute positioning. Am I wrong about that? Plus I’ve seen quite a bit of debate as to whether or not image mapping even works with WordPress and I’ve never needed to use it before….I don’t know.

    So, let me know if anything strikes you. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

    P.S. I am currently hosting the site locally, but would like to resolve this issue before it goes live.

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