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  1. site_in_berlin
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    The basic site is up and the theme loaded http://www.indialogue.info but I cannot figure out how to use WordPress and I can't spend that much time teaching myself the software.

    I would like to explain to someone what I want done, what the site should feature, and have him/her get in there and create it for me. This is not a big site, and does not have complex features, so I don't really need a pro. I thought I would offer the contract to an avid blogger, who would like to help out for a fee.

    We can communicate via email, and I can explain step by step all the resources that have to be put up on the site.

    Please note that I don't make money on my blog, I am doing it as a service to the philosophical community.

  2. site_in_berlin
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Sorry, just read the guidelines, and see this is not allowed.

    My contact info is jbagchee[at]yahoo.com for anyone who is interested, otherwise I am also posting this to the pro-help list.

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