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  • richards1052


    Carthik Sharma has just helped me set up a blog aggregator site using FeedWordpress. But I was wondering whether there was any way technically to use keywords to search the content of specific blogs and import only those posts containing them into the blog aggregator.

    The reason I want to do this is that my aggregator blog focuses on the Israeli Palestinian conflict. SOme blogs I feature there deal w. the subject, but w. many other issues as well. I want to only pick up posts relating to my blog’s theme. SOme blogging platforms don’t have categories so you can’t use category feeds to narrow the focus.

    Anyone know if there’s a technical way to do this?

    Going back to FeedWP, I notice that it displays the name of the post author with the feed, but it does not display the blog name. Is there a way to jerry rig the code to change the default behavior. I’m much more interested in having blog name, rather than author name display.

    Also, FeedWp doesn’t seem to provide a way to allow readers to call up a list of all the posts of specific blogs. Instead it lists the posts of every blog together. I was wondering if there are any options that would allow me to do this.

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