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  • Okay 🙂

    What if my question is “How do I search the forums?” 🙂

    Or where’s the FAQ for the forum?… I see the same questions being asked again and again. And answered likewise by helpful people. However, the answer is so often already there if you search well enough. So how about a static page for the current FAQs? (kept updated) As in ‘please look there first before you ask a question here’?

    Excellent. But I was also thinking of the questions that have been asked about upgrades to 1.5. Some topics are coming up again and again.
    Seek and ye shall find.

    To be honest mikep, many topics arise again and again because there must be a fault in this site. I’m convinced that the Search Box just falls off the page sometimes ….. disappearing into some digital void.

    Either that or people just aren’t searching.

    Here’s a suggestion and a small one mind you. How about another menu button which says Resources – within it list the, er, resources. Links to the codex to:

    How to Install Themes
    How to modify themes
    How to install your toaster WITHOUT taking out the city lights
    Just direct links to the most common questions.

    You can also add things like Where to Get Themes, Where to get Plugins, Where to find that blow up doll without getting caught.

    Or a button that says CLICK HERE! and I guarantee 90% will click there just because it’s some sublimnal message to do so.

    I wish that the search function on the forums brought back more than 5 entries. Giving people 10, 15, or 20 returns on their searches would cut down on a lot of queries that end up here. The current structure makes no sense to me if you want people to seek and find, because it’s quite possible now to seek and find nothing.

    oh, and kudos to NM and Podz for the (new to me) titles of Support Mavens. You both help a lot of people and deserve thanks for your work in this forum.

    Jinsan – not to be flippant…. well, OK, I have every intention of being flippant, but that’s already done. Look up at the top, it’s marked as “DOCUMENTATION”. And if you then (from that page) click the link to the Codex, GASP! Links to Intalling Themes, creating themes, template tags, and all sorts of other bits of information.

    flippant mode off.

    The biggest problem is know WHAT to search for. There are a number of ways to describe the same problem, and unless EVERYone uses the same terms (which will never happen even in a karma nexus) it can be difficult to search. I see this in all forums, not just here.


    Very true TG.
    I think we can discern – to a point – from the language someone has used in their query as to whether they have looked.

    I would actually like more international links to point people at..

    lol TG I’ve never clicked that link myself, in fact the first thing I would click is support then search and then make a post. I didn’t even notice it until now.

    Ah well. You need bigger buttons, or ones that flash readily saying CLICK HERE BEFORE YOU POST! Neon is good too…

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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