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  • How do you see the change history for a post? I’m trying to determine when an image was added to the post, when it was set to Private status, etc.

    Unfortunately, my search for WordPress documentation is hampered by the appearance of “change history” on everything that already displays its own change history. 🙂

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  • I think you may need something more wiki-fied.

    Change histories aren’t the exclusive feature of wikis. I suspect they’re only prominent there because someone can change your submissions, so you might want to frequently check to see who added what, for any given page.

    I suspect the wordpress database wouldn’t keep track of repeated changes, but it might be possible to make it do so. But like I was saying, I can’t search for any such topics, because every single ticket in contains the words “change history” in reference to the history of changes to each ticket! That’s rather ironic.

    Don’t know about how this works with 2.1.3 but this plugin will at least give you some ideas.

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