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  • Bump.

    Bump as well – I just started seeing this issue on our website as well where if a user tries to edit their post within bbpress (front-end) only the shortcode that you show above displays.

    Link to my question here:

    Don’t suppose you have fixed your issue here or perhaps using something else besides Crayon?

    It hasn’t been fixed for me, haven’t heard anything from the devs, and my flailing efforts to find a good replacement didn’t get me anywhere 🙁

    Let me know if you find a fix / replacement 🙂

    Well then…

    I understand that plugin devs have other jobs / lives to live but this is ridiculous – over 4 months your post has been idle without a dev response.. Sad 🙁

    Anyways, I have not implemented any fixes yet – still trying to determine the error but currently I told my devs that if they need to edit a code snippet to:

    1. Copy the current code within the question / answer
    2. Remove the current [Crayon] shortcode
    3. Add a new Crayon instance within the same question / answer and paste the code revision.

    Seems that this is the only way around it at the moment. As an alternative, I have used this plugin: which pretty much does the same as Crayon but with less functionality. Check it out, may work for you.

    Unfortunately, I need to use Crayon for the functionality purposes as I have over 300 users posting snippets.

    Also, just found this plugin: and seems to have a decent following. I am just making sure that if I were to use Pastacode, all my Crayon snippets will revert & stay in place.

    Don’t want to have to edit over 400 snippets 🙁

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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