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  • Visitors are getting a Security Warning at my site when visiting and it’ not loading images.

    I’ve contacted my developer (who has now reached his max budget) to figure out how to fix this.

    1. I cannot afford to buy a security cert for a few weeks – so I’m losing new clients.
    2. My developer has told me to talk to my hosting company – which can only say that they see no redirect but it’s in a https directory. His other advice is to reinstall the whole site.

    Question: I’ve administered my server for sometime but this is my first wp build and so I have no idea how to address this without buying a cert and it’s costing me money and good PR.

    Any recommendations on options for fixing this – including brief instructions – would be very much appreciated.

    The site is live, has Google Analytics, features a purchased theme – for reference.

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  • Who set up this site for you? You appear to have a mixture of http and https urls in the source of your pages. That’s definitely not good and not fixable via a security certificate.


    Per my initial post my developer set it up but I’ve maxed out my budget. I’ve contacted my hosting company and him and am getting no easy replies. The hosting company does not support wordpress and I’ve still not heard back from him with directions on how to fix or details of installation.

    I control the server so can do anything I want.

    Am surprised no other responses.

    Thanks for any guidance.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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