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  • Being only slightly cynical, I’m reading ‘…WordPress 3.0.4 was released to the public. This is a critical security update for all previous WordPress versions.’ and thinking ‘Aren’t they all (critical)… and why wasn’t stuff fixed ahead of release?’.

    Sure, I’m being slightly pissy here – but in view of the ongoing is it/isn’t it a secure platform issue, this is a real problem… particularly to those clients to whom I’ve recommended WP for their stuff.

    Of course, as it’s free we should all be grateful for what we get. Also, as WP is a significant outfit having received major funding with many users, I expect better.

    In considering the witty tagline of ‘code is poetry’, I’m hoping someone remembers it’s also the backbone of commercial and personal web presence – and acts accordingly… by being less-hasty to release clearly buggy code – which may be ok for small ops, but not someone like WP.

    Hell, if Movable Type wasn’t also so dumb at times at least we’d have an alternative.

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  • esmi


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    why wasn’t stuff fixed ahead of release?

    Have you been personally involved in the development of an open source project the size of WordPress? If so, you’d understand why. As fast as code/upgrades are released into the public domain, there is a small group of people who work on ways to break it.

    This is an ongoing issue with all software – even the commercial stuff. How many OS updates did you download/install in the last 3 months? And you may have paid for your OS.

    I expect better

    You could always get involved with the development.

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