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    I have finally put together a custom email system utilizing JS and PHP, in which the content within a specific div is mailed to me from my website. I have given the Javascript, Html and php mail script below so you could get a clear idea, how it works. It works just fine. FYI I am no expert on codes and I just copy paste stuff which works for me.

    Please suggest me a few codes to make this system a bit more secure.


    <script type="text/javascript">
    jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
                     type: 'POST',
                     url: 'http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/email.php',
                     data: { content: $('#email-data').html()},
                     success:function(data) {
                            alert('You data has been successfully e-mailed');


    <div id="email-data">
        <div id="content">
            some php generated content
    <a id="sendEmail"> SEND EMAIL</a>


      $to = "";
      $subject = "FROM WEBSITE";
      $message = $_POST['content'];
      $headers = "From: company <>" . "\r\n" .
                 "Content-type: text/html" . "\r\n";
      mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers);

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