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    I have wordpress working on my site. I’ve been messing around with themes etc, just seeing how things work etc. My question is to do with security. I’ve posted to my blog, but at the moment it appears that anyone who visits could go in an edit my post. How do I fix this??

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  • It just looks that way – to you. Because you’re logged in.
    Log out, and then view your site – you won’t see the edit links anymore. 🙂

    Thanks! I feel like an idiot. Such a simple thing! Based on this, I don’t think I’m ready to start messing with the plugins!

    One other thing. With my site, I only want visitors to be able to view the content and leave comments if they’d like. Is this the default for wordpress? I’ve been reading up on file permissions etc and think I’m confused (the 664 775 thing got me).

    Don’t feel like an idiot – trust me… that’s a normal question! And plugins are (for the most part) easy peasy compared to file permissions! In fact, don’t mess with file permissions too much, or you might find your site disappears on ya!

    File permissions (664, 755, 777, etc) have nothing to do with the way your site appears on the web (unless you use file permissions to stop it (or parts of it) from appearing on the web) The only thing is that if your permissions are set too high, it makes it easier for someone to “hack” into your site (which oftentimes is never really a big deal, most do it just because they can – so don’t sweat that too much unless you’ve got a hacker that really hates you) 😉 But file permissions are server-side (FTP rules/permissions) and your web site is something the display of what’s on your server. Does that make better sense?

    The default is that people can read and comment, as well as use trackbacks and pingbacks to your site. So if you see a comment that doesn’t look like the others, (might have [...] at the beginning and end) that’s just someone linking to you.

    Here’s a good reference link – it’s the WP “bible” so to speak:

    Thanks very much for your responses! I really appreciate it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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