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    I don’t usually like rating anything below 5 stars but this plugin just highly disappointed me and brought a security risk to my website and business!!!!

    Ultimate Member has options to “Reject and deactivate” accounts but if a user has been deactivated or reject, the user can continue to stay logged in and use his/her account as long as they never logged out. Those Ultimate member actions only take effect after they log out and try to log in again!!

    To add to another reason why I gave this review 1 star, user avatar and cover uploads go to ultimate members own special folder so you are limited in controlling taking these files of your server load. Users can continue to upload avatars and flood your server because of course the previous uploads don’t get deleted. I mean what is the point of saving all users previously uploaded avatars if they cannot even select a previously uploaded one if they want to change their avatar. They have to upload a new file everytime!!! Images are one of the largest file types that contribute to website and server loading and I cannot believe Ultimate member didn’t consider this!. I am not promoting any other plugins but I tried profile grid plugin (I No longer use) and user uploads go to the standard WP library which gives more flexibilty.

    Users of UM Should have the option to send user’s avatar file uploads via the standard WP uploader so plugin users can take advantage of CDN services like amazon S3, Google cloud, etc.

    I have also noticed that my site speed does take a hit with Ultimate member installed, especially on pages that are restricted to either logged in, or logged out users only.

    But as far as the security issue, that is what got to me and that is the main reason for this review.

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    hmm interesting. I would like to know why my review was removed.

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    Your review was removed because the title is inflammatory and is not a “!! MAJOR SECURITY RISK WITH ULTIMATE MEMBER !!!”. That’s abusive, don’t do that.

    If you want to correct your review title and leave out the ALL-CAPS ATTENTION GETTING title then the review will be approved. Please be factual, OK?

    If you change it and later on put it back, it will get deleted.

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    Ah ok thank you for that information. I will correct it.

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