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  • Hi all,

    I have been facing a severe security problem in my WP multisite .

    since the last two days 2-3 posts have been erased and the titles of the posts are like “hacked by Whiteleble or ..”

    The post content was deleted, no content inside..only the text appear in titles ..and the title text are like- “hacked by…”

    What could be the reason and how to make my site more secure from such hacking attacks…

    I started using some plugins, like Wordfence and sucuri…

    i even purchased Sucuri premium but later i found that it was unaffordable as i needed separate package for each subdomain ( i have 35-40 sub domains)

    Please advise me the security measures specially for WP multisite…as most of the services are based on single WP sites…

    I changed admin password but still got this hijack kind the next day..

    i even contacted the Hosting provider and had a root cause, they told someone got my admin password…but strangly the hacker could do a lot more with the password but he/she only deleted the content of a random post and changed the title to something like “hacked by…”

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  • What version of WP are you running? 4.7.2 is the latest. 4.7 and 4.7.1 had a vulnerability where unauthorized users could inject data. Make sure you are on the latest version.

    Update to the latest version of wordpress. Try creating a new admin account and reduce the role of the old one to subscriber. If you can delete that account do so but make sure all post or necessary post published by that account are transfered to the a new one. As much as possible also dont use an admin account that does not have the word admin on it or anything that resembles your domain name or brand.

    My site was hacked too but was lucky enough that the role of that admin account was reduced to contributor on my main site. Person was only able to create blank posts

    You may skip outside/external scan for each sub-domain because it would require a separate configuration to scan each site from outside. For cost saving purpose, you may limit your options to only server side scans. Anyway most of the malware would be injected in your server side files other than WP database.

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