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  • Resolved rapidasia


    thanks for your plugin.

    I’m having some issues with implementation that raise some questions.

    I network activated on two different WP multisite installs (I was going to move/clone a subsite to the other site)

    upon activation I got the fremius tracking question popup – not big deal… but on one site it will not go away, I cannot ‘skip’ – I tried literally twenty times clicking different things in the popup.

    on the first site after a few tries I got it to skip and continue to the dashboard

    I didn’t do anything else

    some time later I received an email to the site admin email asking me to verify my email. I am 99% sure I did not click verify email.

    Is the plugin capturing email and sending this verification request? why?

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  • Plugin Author Codexonics


    Hello Rapidasia, thanks for creating the ticket. If you have network activated the plugin, it will ask whether to allow/continue to opt in to updates, notifications. Or you can also click Skip.

    If you click “Skip”, you will be un-subscribe to notifications, updates, etc. This is from Freemius.

    If you have click Skip, the pop-up should go away. If it does not go away, can you please share a screenshot of this glitch? You can upload the screenshot to any free image hosting platform.

    Email is only captured if you have allowed and continue to subscribe to important updates/opt in to plugin security and feature updates notifications, and non-sensitive diagnostic tracking with

    It is possible that the Freemius data is corrupted on the other site. Below are some recommended solutions:

    1. Network deactivate Prime Mover plugin.
    2. Install this Freemius Fixer plugin
    3. Network activate Freemius fixer
    4. Clean up data and deactivate
    5. Make sure Freemius fixer is deactivated
    6. Re-activate latest version of Prime Mover

    That should reset the Freemius data and check if the glitch will go away. It should not touch your existing migration backups/packages. If glitch is still there, please share the screenshot of this glitch so we will know what it is. Thanks a lot!

    Also if you have additional questions relating to Freemius privacy, please send a question to Freemius. They can answer any questions relating to this and will help you clarify things regarding this.

    Plugin Author Codexonics


    Hi, today we released Prime Mover 1.2.9. We fixed a bug relating to Freemius notifications dialog that cannot be removed in the subsites dashboard (after plugin activation). But we don’t know if this is the issue you are referring to but it is worth trying.

    Please update to latest version (Prime Mover 1.2.9), then clear your site cache/browser cache. Then please check; hopefully this work fine in your end.

    If you don’t need anymore assistance, please close this ticket. Thanks! 🙂

    Plugin Author Codexonics


    Hello, it is over two weeks and have not heard from you. There is a new release – version 1.3.0 that contains a few bug fixes and updates. I’m closing this one as is now bit outdated. Feel free to open a new ticket and follow the requested information above. Thanks!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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