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  1. alhitary
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    Is there a problems if i installed many security plugins ? will they cause problems to my website root or files ?

    I installed the bellow :

    1- Better WP Security
    2- Chap Secure Login
    3- WordPress Firewall 2

    Also, i read an topic that there are 2 important plugins, can i add them of it is wrong to add many plugins ?

    they are :
    1- WP Security Scan
    2- Login LockDown

    Plz help because i want to protect my website from hackers very well.

  2. I don't know if those plugins overlap, but with them active check your web server's error log. If there s a conflct it may show up there. If any functionality breaks get ready to disable those plugins.

    It's good that you want to be proactive about security, but best practices are a big part of that too. You do not want to become reliant on just security plugins.

    Give this a read regarding passwords, keeping up to date, etc.


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