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    1) Consider such plugin to safeguard rules in htaccess some plugin bugs can cause htaccess to reset and manually inserted rules are gone. Your plugin I assume insert and force the rules back since they are coming from a plugin and wp backend?

    2) How light is this plugin?

    3) But since htaccess is a very sensitive root file on the server I would like to force a password when clicking to this page in the navigation. This to prevent other content managers etc to make edits in this file. Of course, can be restricted with other plugins, but why not serve it directly within the tool? Would by then install and start using this plugin.

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    This is an htaccess editor so it doesn’t do anything on its own to htaccess. You are the one that has to make the changes and then the plugin writes them – the same as in any text editor. So no rules will be removed or edited unless you delete them.

    The plugin is extremely light and does not affect the site’s speed in any way.

    There’s no password but only administrators can use the tool, content editors can’t.

    Will it safeguard my rules so on a resit it will re-add them? Not sure it will consider it’s just an htaccess editor within WordPress. Not adding custom htaccess rules.

    Let me know

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    I’m sorry but I don’t understand your question. Don’t know what’s a “resit”.

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