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  • I manage a blog which recently reived a post that seems to have side-stepped the need to register to comment.

    The blog is here:

    As you (hopefully) see registration is required to comment. Further, I have First Post moderation AND reCaptcha in play. I take spam seriously. New users have Subscriber privileges and need to be upgraded by me if appropriate and posting by email is not enabled.

    Yesterday I got a comment for moderation with the poster name shown as a url on Polish Youtube clone of some sort (I run an UK based English language literature blog). I went to the user admin page and the user did not exist. This seems to imply either:

    1. Someone registered, made a slightly spammy looking post and then somehow deregistered

    2. Or someone found a way to post a comment without registering.

    3. Something else that I have overlooked.

    The post – even is not spam – is so inane that it wouldn’t get approved, but I am a little perturbed at how it arrived and would appreciate advice on how to proceed.

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  • Once your blog is on their list, botnet spammers will post spam comments with or without registration requirement on your side. The registration requirement doesn’t stop all spam comments.

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