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  • Resolved Michael Nordmeyer


    I consider it a unnecessary security threat to give a publicly exposed server full access to my Dropbox if there’s no need to do so. BackWPup doesn’t need access to the whole Dropbox. Access to sandboxed app folders are enough.

    App folder access means:

    “A dedicated folder named after your app is created within the Apps folder of a user’s Dropbox. You get read and write access to this folder only. Users can share content with your app by simply putting stuff in the folder from any of their computers or the Dropbox website.”


    Do you plan to implement this kind of Dropbox API access?

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  • toddbenton


    I agree. I would like to see this kind of Dropbox API access added as well. Please add it to a future update.

    You already have this option and have had it for a long time. When you set up a job and have to authenticate dropbox for it, there are 2 buttons to choose from. The first one, the sandbox option, that’s exactly what you described…it gives access to only a folder for the app. If that’s what you want, then use that button and not the 2nd one, which gives it access to your entire dropbox.

    You’re right. I probably set up BackWPup a long time ago and wasn’t aware that this has changed.

    I only had the option to open up access to the whole Dropbox, which is why I created a second Dropbox account.

    Anyhow this is resolved now.

    Hello People!

    I created a dropbox account and set it on a job, but the backWPupapp doesn´t autenthicate…

    Could you help me?

    Thanks and Regards,


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