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  • Hi. The adrotate pro is telling me to do the (see below) following for W3 Super Cache

    1. the late init check box appears to be grayed out (cant check it)
    2. what is the security hash. Can this be done from W3 rather than having to add the below line of code to wp-config.php?
    3. Is there a performance hit for enabling “late init”

    You have enabled W3 Total Caching support but not defined the security hash. You need to add the following line to your wp-config.php near the bottom or below line 52 (which defines another hash.) Using the “late init” function needs to be enabled in W3 Total Cache as well too.
    define(‘W3TC_DYNAMIC_SECURITY’, ’92fb0c6d1758261f10d052e6e2c1123c’);


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  • 1. Just came across the late init box being grayed out problem myself, which is how I found your post. You need to change the Page cache method to Disk: Basic (rather than Disk: Enhanced) on the General Settings page of the W3TC settings. After doing this the late init option will become available.

    2. I’m pretty sure the security hash must be added to your wp-config.php file manually. It is a security feature for when enabling page fragment caching in the non-Pro version. It is needed so that when some parts of the page are made dynamic, commenters can’t inject PHP code. (They would need to know the value of the W3TC_DYNAMIC_SECURITY string to be able to inject dynamic code).

    3. Yes, there is a performance hit. Much more of wordpress is loaded when using late init. Loading and processing all the various files will give a performance hit.

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