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  1. creamaledrinker
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I'm getting a security certificate error on my
    Wordpress hosted blog. Does anyone know how I can
    update/verify my security certificate?
    Error that pops up is below.<br>

    "secrue5.worldaxxs.net is a site that uses a security certificate to encrypt data durning transmission, but its certificate expired on2/11/08 1:44PM.

    You should check to make sure that your computer's time
    is correct.

    Would you like to continure anyway?

    View Certificate-------Cancel-------Continuue

  2. The image in your post named "New Food & Beer Store Opens at Schoen Place" is causing that error. You linked to an image on somebody else's site, and their certificate has expired.

    Also, WordPress.COM issues should be posted on their forums: http://forums.wordpress.com

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