• EllenGTodd


    i have the most recent version of Ultimate Member installed and am using WP 4.6

    Our site has recently been discovered by spammers – not a large volume yet – only 3 suspicisous addresses trying to register in 24 hours. I deleted these from the user list, and later found that 2 of them showed up in our member directory and they were back on the user list as members.

    We have members, who have access to what I thought was a secure members only area, and we have friends who are excluded from the members area. Many of our club members are very sensitive to issues of personal privacy and security and I find it alarming that someone (or something) managed to breach the security that we have worked hard to establish.

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  • Val Vesa


    Unauthorized access to any part of your website is indeed an indication of possible compromise.
    You may to use tools such as SiteCheck to scan your website.
    Also, you might feel useful to install a WAF (Web Application Firewall) solution which will enable both monitoring and prevention, so you can be informed at all times of who logs into your website and if they change any core files or try to access unauthorized areas.
    Let me know if I can provide more help.



    In addition to @tinuzzo’s suggestions, I would recommend the following:

    1. Set all new users to require email activation or admin approval.
    2. Protect your registration and login forms with WP Bruiser:


    Or, in lieu of WP Bruiser, use the free UM Google reCaptcha extension:


    Good luck,



    Another way to prevent undesirable users from registering is if you review new accounts for the time being (via admin approved registrations).

    If you are only getting a few spammers using bot registrations, just ban them via htaccess. There are several plugins that can help you find out their ip addresses to this end.

    The logic is, you probably aren’t the only one being spammed, but one in many thousands of wp sites. So, if you ban them next, they will probably not get new ip address proxies just to spam your site.

    Good luck,

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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