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  • I’m new to hosting wordpress – I’ve recently added it to one of my environments. What I’m seeking is a pointer to any security announcements maillist, blog, rss, or whatnot. I’m well aware of some of the project’s ‘not so shiny’ past in regards to holes (I’ve cleaned up my share of 0wn3d instances).

    I’ve found how to submit a security flaw…but nothing relating to information about when there’s fixes to said problems.

    Any pointers? Am I just starting right at it (which is quite possible)?


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  • Information about security and where to email in case you find a security breach is here: FAQ_Security.

    There is no announcement of security fixes, except where a security fix dictates a new release/update, then you will see notification in your dashboard.

    You might also be interested in following trac where code is submitted–see

    You might also join any number of mailing lists for discussions about WordPress topics–see Mailing Lists

    Thanks for the explanation Michael. I guess I had gotten used to receiving proactive emails for other platforms such as Drupal. I’ll be sure to check my dashboard often to watch for any relevant security notifications.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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