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    Ok after stumbling upon this plugin i am really very confused about it.

    Although i have watched your video and read about this plugin it does seem like a neat idea, but i have a lot of questions about the validity of this plugin for use in a commercial environment due to legalities.

    Ok we all know data protection is a very serious issue but what legal complications could come of using such a service, i dont know about the country you are from but here in the uk it can be an offence to record someone without their consent, lets use this as an example, alot of customer service centres when you first ring any customer service centre in the uk you will notice that if they are recording you they always have to state the fact before they answer the call via an automated message stating that these calls are recorded for training and various other reasons and if you disagree you can hang up the call.

    Now is this not kinda like the same thing? If we have recordings of users placing orders with credit cards directly and we have full screen captures and even device ids they used are we not in danger of invasion of privacy?

    Also how would customers react if you was obliged to tell them first before they continued with a purchase? My guess is you would lose alot of customers, Also how would customer be sure that you guys are infact storing their data recordings in a secure mannor and free from missuse? there seems to be alot of doubts in my mind as to wether or not this would be strictly legal.

    Could you please clarify? I am genuinly interested in this and how you have managed to tackle any of these issues or if you have even bothered to check the legalities of such recordings especially of people who will be unaware of these recordings. Have you looked into all this?

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    Hello. Thank for your questions

    Recordings : under UK, European, and most US states only one party need to know about any recordings. The voicemail you hear on telephone systems is more of a courtesy not a legal requirement also helps call centres monitor staff.

    Credit cards: our system detects credit card numbers and as woo commerce and other shopping baskets have a structured approach we are able to detect credit card number fields and not capture the keys that are pressed.

    We do advise clients to amend their terms and conditions of site usage and we have a quote that you can place in your websites terms of use on our faq page.

    This covers all areas our lawyers have checked it very throughly and we are UK company with offices in New York.

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    Ok cheers for this info i will be doing a little research on this myself before trying it out, I am currently still developing my latest store and would be looking at implementing something like this before launch.

    A few more questions (sorry i am not being nosey as before i implement something like this i need to know the full ins and outs and i am genuinely interested, you are under no obligation to answer my questions).
    I have never felt the need to ask such in depth questions about any wordpress plugin before but as this is something unique i need to make sure its the right choice before using it.

    How does your company intend to host so much video recording data to make it a reliable service?

    I mean this in the sense that im used to managing servers myself and to dedicate servers to screen capturing would take huge data storage, you say that its going to be free forever, but the costs of running such servers with huge data storage would be very expensive?

    EXAMPLE: say if you have hundreds of thousands of users of this plugin at any given point in time and a few thousand of these websites were very busy the storage space and horse power needed would be immense. Also can you guarantee no slowdown from using your plugin on a busy website especially if your servers are busy recording data from hundreds of other servers at any given point in time?

    If this does in fact work flawlessly i have one more question for you, why isnt this plugin massive? it should be used as standard if it can really pull off what it claims. 🙂

    P.S I do realize you have answered some of the questions brought up in the read up section about this plugin but i’m still a little reserved on a few of the things mentioned. being someone who has managed dedicated servers in more advanced ways such as clusters etc myself, although i have never used them in such a way that you have them setup to process data from other servers, i can imagine problems at your level could well affect performance at this end? I do realize its a lot to cover but when deciding on using a service like this it has to be 100 percent reliable as problems caused externally could cost money.

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    Hello and thank you for your conitued interest.

    Our backend server infrastructure uses something called Linux file depuplication. so duplicate files are not saved onto the server.

    So when a new customer visiting your homepage and browses your products and images we will save those onto the sever in the recording. The next visitor comes and views your homepage and same products and some other products we save the files that we have never seen before, and the file system then manages a link between the files from the first customer so the files are not required to be written to disk.

    Technically the files on your computer are in two parts the data stored on the drive in blocks and the file allocation table so the second customer is viewing the same files as the first customer song we don’t need to write them to disk just add the link in the file allocation table.

    Using depuplication methods even if you have a thousand visitors to your site we will only ever need one copy of your site.

    Sure if your site changes a lot then we will need to save those a file but most sites changes about 10% to 15% a month.

    Other files like html and text are always small in size and even if you have a date and time that changes every second we can save the html and text very quickly. The images, style sheets and plugins are the heavy components.

    In terms of our user numbers we are working of plugins for shopify and magneto once we have these we will be marketing the service.

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