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  • For various reasons you sometime have to use non standard HTTP and HTTPS ports.
    For example I wish to serve a WordPress blog on :8080 for HTTP and :8443 for HTTPS.

    I also want to force the admin access in SSL only (for that I’ll use the FORCE_SSL_ADMIN/FORCE_SSL_LOGIN )

    but if siteurl and home variables are set to
    admin will always redirect to
    that won’t work, the correct secure URL is:
    It’s quite normal because this secure URL/port is precised nowhere

    I didn’t find a way to precise in WP a different URL or at least a specific HTTPS port for SSL access.
    A bad solution is to set
    and home=
    With these settings, normal access via unsecure/HTTP will generate JavaScript, CSS requests on HTTPS (that eventually the browser will block) – it’s using server ressources for nothing.

    Is there a solution to allow WordPress to handle some differents URLs or ports for secure and unsecure??

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  • I too have exactly the same problem and, no, WordPress does not support non-standard http ports with SSL. So if you have another service on 80 and you want to install WordPress at that machine on 8080 and enable SSL you’re pretty much stuck with what you said: set siteurl to your https address and home to your http address.

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