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[Resolved] Secure individual pages (on a proxy ssl)

  • Hello, I was previously writing you on your website, you mentioned we should continue the conversation here.

    My host uses proxy SSL, so I am using this plugin as well as ‘Force SSL URL Scheme’.

    My site wasn’t loading most scripts until you gave me a good tip to change to change my WP and site URL to ‘https://’. However, I don’t need to be secure site-wide, just individual pages.

    So I’m trying to use the ‘WordPress HTTPS’ plugin (which allows for individual page SSL) together with yours. But again, almost of all the scripts aren’t loading when I do this.

    When I did use your tip to change the URL, things were better but still not perfect, was still getting some insecure content.

    Any advice you can provide to solve this issue?

    Thanks in advance!


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  • Plugin Author webaware


    G’day Alvin,

    Normally, WordPress can detect when a page is loaded with SSL, and this plugin can then clean up any http script and stylesheet loads using the register/enqueue calls. When that’s all working, you can mix http pages with https pages.

    The problem is that you are hosted by Network Solutions with a reverse proxy that is hiding whether a user is connecting by SSL / HTTPS or regular HTTP. That’s why you needed to add the Force SSL URL Scheme plugin, which is a dirty fix that tells WordPress that it’s always SSL when you set all of WordPress to run on SSL.

    You could edit that plugin to check whether the page you’re on is one you’ve selected for SSL in WordPress HTTPS, but that’s beyond my scope — ask the author of WordPress HTTPS about that.

    But if you’re still getting SSL warnings with the whole site set to SSL, then please post a link to your site so that I can see what the warnings are. I’ll take a look at what’s being loaded and advise you how to fix it.


    Thanks for the reply –

    So what I’m understanding is there is no direct method to use your 2 plugins for just an individual page of the site. It must be for the entire site? And if there is a way, I would need to contact the author of WordPress HTTPS to figure that out?

    I am hesitant to send you a link to my site, since the site is already live and this would require me to have it display the incorrect way until you’ve reviewed it. So I don’t really have that option in this case. Is there some process I can undergo myself to help identify the insecure data?

    Plugin Author webaware


    G’day Alvin,

    It’s because of Network Solutions’ hosting deficiencies that WordPress cannot tell when a page is loaded over https. The Force SSL URL Scheme plugin tricks WordPress into detecting https on every page load; that’s how that little plugin works. If you need it to only do that for specific pages, you’ll need to modify it (i.e. write some PHP code) to do that. If you want it to do that based on your WordPress HTTPS settings, speak to the authors of that plugin as they’ll know how to do that.

    To work out what is causing your SSL warnings, load the website in Google Chrome and look in the developer console.


    Alternatively, install Firebug for Firefox and look at its console.



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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