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  • This is a plugin that is great to use when you want to configure the mail form, add custom fields, delete them, specify which fields are required, ect.

    But it is not secure from spam. It offers no image recognition or logical question protection like this one or this one. Now the problem with those is they do not have the flexibility of the intouch plugin I mentionned first.

    Would anyone care to do the wordpress community a big favour and improve the intouch plugin by integrating some decent spam protection into it ? I guess that would be the easiest way to go as other than that, I find that plugin to be already perfect except for that.

    I think flexibility, ease of use and security would define the ultimate mail form plugin.

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  • Well, I’m not using a plugin, per se.

    This doesn’t “plug in” to WP, but rather you put the files somewhere (I ended up putting them in my plugins folder so I could keep all stuff like this together) and then you put the form on a page inside the template. You can put whatever fields you want and they’ll get sent with the email, such as “subject” or “website” or whatever. And it blocks spam automatically because of a hidden Bcc field (which should never be filled in by a real user, and thus if it is the email is rejected) and because the sent email is passed through Akismet before being approved. You have to have a API to use it, but you don’t have to have the Akismet plugin installed. It comes with it’s own Akismet.

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