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    I have a localhost install running on Mac OS 10.7.5 via MAMP:
    Apache 2.2.22
    MySQL 5.5.25
    PHP 5.2.17 & 5.4.4
    APC 3.1.9
    XCache 1.2.2 & 1.3.2
    phpMyAdmin 3.5.1
    SQLiteManager 1.2.4
    Freetype 2.4.8
    t1lib 5.1.2
    curl 7.24.0
    jpeg 8d
    gd 2.0.34
    libxml2 2.7.8
    libxslt 1.1.26
    libidn 1.17
    iconv 1.14
    mcrypt 2.6.8
    YAZ 4.0.1 & PHP/YAZ 1.1.3

    These are my installed plugins:
    Custom MetaWidget
    Page Security by Contexture
    Role Scoper
    WordPress Importer
    HTTP Authentication

    I am using Twenty Eleven with a custom child theme. I want to secure a given page with URL http://localhost/wordpress/?page_id=2 which was created using stock WordPress site admin and a default sidebar-page.php template, or a custom template.

    In other words I would like to use .htaccess to secure this page which contains a simple text-based form; for example when I try to secure <Files wp-login.php> it works fine and a custom login appears for a username. But when I create a custom template and secure it using <Files custom-template.php> within a .htaccess file I am still able to type in data into the form and there is no prompt for login–in other words the page is unsecured.

    I’ve search the forum and Google with no luck. It’s not clear how a custom template, or the sidebar-page.php template can be secured. If that’s not possible, I’m wondering how to create a new page (i.e. without using WP “Pages”) that can be secured.


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  • Note: I can also take my form, embed it in a PHP web page outside of WordPress and secure it using .htaccess. And then of course I lose my WP header, menu and footer.

    Solution: secure the page with Role Scoper plugin. Use .htaccess to authenticate/block the WP user its self from gaining login access to WP.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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