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    I’ve just downloaded your plugin and I’m so impressed with it.

    However in your screenshots it shows that I can add multiple calendars using the + button, but I don’t have a plus button! Any ideas?

    Oh, and I’ve noticed something else with the bookings. If I have a Grouped set of days (check-in Sunday, check out Friday) and separate bookings for the weekend, it is not possible to search for Check in Sunday, check out next Sunday – it just says:

    There are no services available for the period you selected.

    Any ideas on this one? I can Search Friday to Sunday, but it seems the group days feature breaks that.

    On the whole though, I’ve been really impressed so far with the ease of use and functionality. Although I would like my multiple calendars!!!


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    I’m sorry but multiple calendars are available only in PRO version.

    Regarding the other problem the message appears if the selected period is can’t be booked. So if the you select the incorrect group the error message will appear.


    Bryn Moorhouse


    Okay, how do I go about getting the pro version? I’ve been on your website and can find no reference to pro, nor can I find a reference on WPs site.

    The rooms are available, so there isn’t any reason why it wouldn’t work as far as I can see.

    When you say “select the incorrect group” what do you mean?

    Plugin Author DOTonPAPER


    Yes the rooms are available but they can only be booked by group, so if you select 2 days from the group they will not show as available. But I can see your confusion and I noted in the to do list to add an option so that both situation be available. Note that the current functionality was due to feedback from our customers.

    Details about PRO version are here:

    Thank you

    Bryn Moorhouse


    Thanks for the info on the PRO version. I was pleasantly surprised by the price, until I went to buy it and it turns out I need the $125 version so I can charge people if I’ve read it right?

    The $25 version is purely to book and take payment in person, not via the website? Or can I take payment via the website via PayPal with the $25 version?

    Hmm, I don’t understand that. If you go to the following site and select check-in on the 4th August, and check-out on the 11th August, it says that no rooms are available – despite the fact that they are? The only difference is that 5 nights are a long booking and 2 nights are short bookings. Sorry if I’m being thick.

    Oh, and many thanks for your help and a great plugin!

    Plugin Author DOTonPAPER


    The price is 25$. The 125$ version is if you want to add the plugin in a commercial item that you intend to sell as a stock item.

    10 and 11 aren’t part of the group. Currently you can book only a single group.

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    Guys? This is a healthy conversation but it’s really all about the “Pro” version now. Please continue that conversation regarding the pro version on the author’s site.


    It’s just more appropriate to have that conversation elsewhere. These forums are for the support of the free version hosted here only.

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