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[Resolved] SecondaryDomain is redirecting to MainDomain

  • I am trying to make the WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin working on WP 3.5.1. I installed the plugin and I set the SecondaryDomain.com as “Addon domain”, pointing to the same directory as MainDomain.com. They are both in the same hosting account, so they have the same IP in the Aname record, which should be ok. I also set the SecondaryDomain.com in Settings>Domains as the primary domain for siteId 2, which was MainDomain.com/blog2 .
    The problem is that, when I try to access any page on SecondaryDomain.com (including homepage), it redirects to MainDomain.com (homepage).
    Can you please help me solve this problem?

    The SecondaryDomain is deborabaldelli (DOT com)


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  • Since I got no answer… I solved it myself!
    While analyzing the redirects, I noticed that the MainDomain.com/blog2 was not redirecting to SecondaryDomain.com, but to SecondaryDomain.Ãcom (or Ä, I didn’t paid attention). I updated it in db (domain_mapping table) and now it works as supposed! So, I guess it’s due to a bug!

    Plugin Author Ron Rennick


    MultiSite Guru

    Glad you found it.

    Since I got no answer… I solved it myself!

    Every one who answers threads here does so as a volunteer. In most instances you are unlikely to consistently get an answer to a thread in under 2 hours.

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for your answer and for the plugin. I know you are all volunteers, so I didn’t pretended a fast answer. In fact this is why I kept searching and searching for a solution, till I found it!

    Please just check if this was a bug and if you can solve it, for future releases! I can provide more details if needed.

    Plugin Author Ron Rennick


    MultiSite Guru

    If you fixed it by editing the record in the DM table then the most probable cause is that the erroneous domain was entered through the admin screen. The other alternative is that you had something corrupt the record in the DB.

    I entered it in the admin screen by typing it, no copy-paste. I have no idea how that character arrived there, hope it was just a case and will not happen to others.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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