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  • Hi: I have a problem with secondary posts. Whenever a forum entry is posted, a second post on site privacy posts with it. TWO posts are recorded as posted instead of one. My intended post appears as the first post, then this other page as the second. I can delete the second post – and then the post looks as intended.

    I have installed the update, and I have turned off all auto-posting to forum when a post is made. That should have caused a clean forum post – but it does not.

    Might be a database problem, but I am unable to obtain a list of forum posts that will permit me to delete the post from the database. Indeed, I don’t know how to edit the database at all!

    With that knowledge, I might be able to address the problem. Can someone advise me?



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  • More on this. It seems to affect only supplies. I post a reply. If I view it, I see the reply. If I view it in the post, the reply is REPLACED with a page on cookies, privacy and other junk. Too bad. I REALLY liked this forum and wanted to deploy it, but I have re-installed and still no dice. I’ll have to deploy another choice, and once it is in and working, I am stuck with it. Ah well. If someone can advise please do so asap. Thanks!

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