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  1. thinknau
    Posted 3 years ago #

    We have multiple domains on our server. We would all visitors to see our primary domain of nau.tv in their address field no matter which domain they try to enter. This was working on our server but after moving our new wordpress site to the root. Now when a visitor visits our secondary domain, thinknau.com, the thinknau.com url remains in the address field after the page loads. The site does not function completely when visited this way (vimeo videos don't load, etc). But if a visitor types in nau.tv, they are able to see the site completely.

    Why is this occurring and how can we get thinknau.com to immediately point to nau.tv??

    Just FYI, on our FTP we can see that when we navigate to the html folder in the thinknau.com diectory, we are automatically taken to the nau.tv html directory.


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