• The second tier menus are not visible from iPhones or Andriod phones. If you visit the site (http://www.paradeofthebuddhas.org) with a PC then you see menus like

    Events | 2013 Exhibitions | 2012 Exhibitions | 2012 Roadshows
    Art Projects | Later Zhao | Northern Wei |
    Buddha’s Birth | Literature | Historic Sites
    Parades | Timeline
    About | About our Logo

    In the mobile devices only Home, Events, Art Projects, Buddha’s Birth, Parades, and About are shown. How can I get those to display? Is this a problem with the plug-in?


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  • You might try using the WordPress Mobile Pack plug-in, but a different mobile theme. What I’ve done on my site is to use the WordPress Mobile Pack as the switcher, but the Minileven theme. I got the Minileven theme files by downloading the Jetpack plugin, then extracting all the files from Jetpack > modules > minileven > pub > minileven to a folder called minileven in my themes directory. Alternatively, you could download each of them individually (not forgetting the ones in the js, inc, and languages subfolders) from here. I edited the footer.php file from minileven to read:

    <a href="<?php echo $current_url . '?wpmp_switcher=desktop'; ?>">Switch to our full site</a>

    I then used the WordPress Mobile Pack switcher to select minileven as my mobile theme.

    I prefer the WordPress Mobile Pack switcher to Jetpack, because Jetpack really seems to slow down my site. At the same time, the minileven theme seems to do better on rendering menus than the WordPress Mobile Pack ones do.

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