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  • Hi,
    i have loaded WordPress on a local XP machine (with xamplite)and begun familiarising myself with the basic operation of the program. I have had good success so far.

    Now i with to load a new blog on my local machine…..but can’t quite see how to do that. WordPress is already loaded. I know i can’t overwrite my data base. So how do i do this. SO that when prompted with my login page, i can then choose between the two blogs.
    A pointer to the relavent instruction would be great.

    I apologise for what i expect will be a simple task.


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    you install a second blog, the same way you installed the first. the only difference is that you cant have them both in the same directory, ie, at the same URL.

    You can have more than one wp install inside the same database. In order to do that, look at the wp-config.php — locate the line that says prefix, and use something different than what you used on the first install.

    The default prefix is wp_ —– that means that all that install’s tables inside mysql begins with wp_

    You can copy your other wp-config.php, edit the prefix, to something like wp1_ and your second install will have tables within the same database, with the prefix wp1_

    Think of the prefix like your first name.

    SO that when prompted with my login page, i can then choose between the two blogs.

    Uh, no. Thats not going to happen wtih this setup.

    @whooami — do I surmise correctly then that this multiple-wp-installs-in-one-db technique would enable me to have my current regular blog but then have a password-protected page that could house a second blog that would be, effectively, invisible to anyone not able to get past the password-protected page?

    If so, this is definitely of interest. Would this second blog function under the same theme as the first blog? And would it be backed up in the same process as backups I am already doing, or would it take an additional procedure?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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