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    I’m doing a search for terms in our database in phpMyAdmin to see if the WordPress content editor was able to remove all terms from the content. One of the terms I am searching for to see if it exists in the posts and postmeta tables is “MOD” (an acronym we use) but I’m getting anything that has “MOD” as a part of it’s name – like “modules” – and all I want to see if the exact word MOD is removed. I’m Googling how to use phpMyAdmin search of the database tables for posts and postmeta so I only get results for exact terms. If I add a space after and before “MOD” like this ” MOD ” will it know I only want “MOD” searched for?

    PS. I used “the exact phrase as substring” under “Find”.

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    You can Scan for “some string” using

    Thanks but I would prefer not to add another plugin. I’m now looking into how I would use phpMyAdmin -> Search -> Find -> as regular expression to find the exact word “MOD” and nothing else.

    How do I write a regular expression to just search for “MOD”? I’ve tried

    REGEXP ‘^the’

    Just to see if I can find a very common word in the posts and metapost and I get zero results.

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    See if this can point you in the right direction:

    Ok. In phpMyAdmin -> database_name_here -> SQL (tab) I used:

    SELECT * FROM database_name_here.database_table_here WHERE (CONVERT(meta_value USING utf8) REGEXP ‘[[:<:]]MOD[[:>:]]’)

    And that was how I was able to find “MOD” and only “MOD”. Thanks for the help.

    PS. I also tried the Search (tab) again and was able to find “MOD” if I searched for it with a space in front and behind like ” MOD “. Most likely will also need to check for ” MOD,” and ” MOD.” to make sure I don’t miss it where a “,” or “.” follow.

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    You are welcome 🙂

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