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  • I find that when I look up my stats for my page, I do see searches from search engines and it’s cool and all but when I do the searches myself with the same keywords, it works…


    Once I find my page with content matching the search keywords, I would click on my link and It will bring me to the domain/index.php homepage and never the content that I was searching for.

    Look at the below google search. It finds the content on my page about drill presses but the content isn’t there when I click on the link. They are the last links. Is there anyway to have your contents searched via various engines and actually send the user to that page on your blog? I know for sure when I search for things, if I click on a link that doesnt bring me to what i’m searching for, I’ll hit the back button and continue searching. This doesn’t necessarily help my stats if the search contents do not match the links? Anyone know what i’m talking about?

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  • Link to google didn’t paste.

    Sorry, here’s the LINK

    That link doesn’t seem to show any pages on your site. When I add the google “site” keyword as well there are only two results in the SERP, both pointing to your home page. Which contains the keywords searched for, so I see no problem.

    But how come the search results doesn’t give a direct link to the post? What if my post was a year old and the search results only pointed to my main domain and not the post that’s been way back?

    Because that’s where the keywords exist. In your case, the front page.

    I notice that you’re made some structural changes now, so we’re no longer getting what we did yesterday.

    Have you read up the stuff on optimisation?

    I won’t go into the basics of how crawlers work but if I search for the phrase “i have no idea what you call it except that i can only logically conclude” I get a couple of links to your site and neither contains that phrase. When I look at the cached copy from google, that phrase is there, and belongs to a post entitled “Ticket Skewer?”, but when you click on the title, you get a 404.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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