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  • I’m searching for a Plugin that can do the following search and display:

    • Choose among many search options. For example: food, cities and countries.
    • Choose a year interval to display from the information previously selected
    • Display the information in table or similar way

    I need to redesign one the webpages I manage, which is no big deal. But the only thing that is hassling me is this part. Here it is running on the site as it is now:

    That part was programmed by some guy some time ago, like 2006 or something and I wasn’t in charge of it at the time so I have no idea how he did it.

    There, your first select the information you want to be shown and then hit “Seleccionar” (Select). Then at the botton you choose the year interval and if the information should be shown yearly (Anual) or in a quarterly (Trimestral) fashion.

    Once you hit Consultar (Consult) it will show the information in a table fashion.

    Any hints or thoughs on which Plugin could work?

    Thanks a bunch!

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