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    I am searching for a Plugin that may not exist, but thought I’d ask here before giving up, as my own searching hasn’t turned up anything I can use.

    We host a fishing report blog, and I’d like to offer links to previous years posts (if/when they exist) so people can see what was biting on this date last year, and other years past.

    This will help fishermen see the trends and can plan their vacation. I realize that there are post archives widgets and I already have that on my site, but it’s not the same or as inviting as a as having a direct link stating “See what was biting on this day last year“, or something to that effect.

    Thanks for any help or guidance.

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  • Hi Hatteras Island friend…you could just ring me 😉 look for a block that offers to set custom query attributes and set it to always look for this week last year…. that is one way…

    Hit me up on FB or text me and I will give you a beta-release copy of Boatworks. This will include a custom block for that anyway.

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    Hi Meg,
    Thank you kindly for the reply. I tried looking for a query block plugin as you suggested, but couldn’t find anything that would query with date arguments. (Seems you can query just about anything else easily though) There was a widget based plugin that would, but that wouldn’t show on a post only page, so that wouldn’t work.

    I am not the social media person here, so I’ll try and have her touch base on FB for that beta if my continued searching doesn’t turn up anything.


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    Hi again Meg,
    I think I found something that will work. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s enough for now. I’m using the Display Posts plugin. I don’t think I would have found it without your push in the right direction.

    Many Thanks!

    Ah, I am so pleased to hear I helped. Also, do not forget to pop over here in Avon if you ever need anything else 😉 We are at the Pirate Ship playground or sailing behind Froggy Dog most afternoons.

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